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Average Wave Hours & Height per Year     Assumptions

The wave height required for a WEC's peak power depends on the WEC characteristics, accordingly, a low average globally available near shore
wave height of: 1.5 m (5 feet)
has been selected
Globally, ocean waves of 1.5 m or more in height are available for 73% of year and most locations are are calm for 5% of year. 
For 22% of year ocean waves can produce peak power for 7% of the time.

Therefore avg. waves (globally near shore) provide peak power for 80% of year which is:   292 – 24 hr days/yr or 7,000 hr / yr


Also:  Andrew D. Short  2005, in “Beaches of the New South Wales Coast”
reports that Per Year:    

Avg. Wave Height = 1.6 m    

Avg. Wave Period = 10 sec.

WEC = Wave Energy Converter

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