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PV Solar System COST                         Assumptions


PhotoVoltalic Solar System to Grid tie in cost    

       reports:          14 watts per sq. ft. as average

                             $4. per watt for systems in 100 kW to 5 MW range

       hence:           14 W per sq. ft * 10.8 sq ft per sq. m =  151 W per sq. m x $4 =  $604. per sq. m

       publication:   Tracking the Sun VII: An Historical Summary of the Installed Price of Photovoltaics in  
                             the United States from  1998-2013

       reports           based on fifteen years of data from over 300,000 PV systems average price grid
                             connected PV solar systems cost:
                             $4.30 per watt for the 10-100 kW
& $3.90 per watt for the 100 kW to 5 MW range
                              therefore average price = $4.10

       hence            151 watts per sq. m x  $ 4.1 per watt  =  $619 per sq. m PV solar system cost


       For the calculator example we use a PV Solar installed cost of  $604 per sq. m

The Cost Value used in the calculator example is assumed to be the capital cost to obtain and install the system to grid tie in. 
The rest of the calculations evaluate each system against this cost metric only.

The calculator does not accomodate mortgage payments to pay off loans, or costs for land rent if required (aka a fuel cost for renewables), or operations and maintenance costs, or any other ongoing or futre costs associated with the energy production unit.

Of course you can put any cost value you want in the downloaded copy of calculator and modify other parts of the calculator to suit your needs, or even modify the calculator.

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