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Wind Turbine System COST                        Assumptions


"Capacity-weighted average costs reported for a sample of 2012 U.S. distributed wind installations were $2,540/kW for utility-scale wind turbines, $2,810/kW for mid-sized wind turbines, and $6,960/kW for newly manufactured (domestic and imported) small wind turbines. Average Cost = 4,103 / kW


An emerging trend observed in 2012 was an increased use of refurbished turbines.

The reported capacity-weighted average cost of refurbished small wind turbines installed in 2012 was $4,080 / kW."  Average of 4,103 + 4,080 = $ 4,092 / kw


From Publication:  2012 Market Report on U.S. Wind Technologies in Distributed Applications

                             U.S. Department of Energy     August 2013


Calculation of WIND System cost per sq. m















 For the Calculator example the WIND COST per sq. m of swept area is $1,059 / sq m

The Cost Value used in the calculator example is assumed to be the capital cost to obtain and install the system to grid tie in. 
The rest of the calculations evaluate each system against this cost metric only.

The calculator does not accomodate mortgage payments to pay off loans, or costs for land rent if required (aka a fuel cost for renewables), or operations and maintenance costs, or any other ongoing or futre costs associated with the energy production unit.

Of course you can put any cost value you want in the downloaded copy of calculator and modify other parts of the calculator to suit your needs, or even modify the calculator.

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