INTRODUCTION     Finding a Wave Machine to Buy and Permissions to Build

This is the exciting story of discovery and invention we have had with wave energy.


Beginning 2010 it was decided to purchase a wave power system to provide clean renewable energy for our cottage on Keats Island.  Waves seemed to be a better choice than wind or solar energy because we could see that the waves were active all day and all night long, most of the time. 


The first thing we did in 2010 was search the internet for wave machines.  Soon we discovered none were for sale, anywhere on the planet. Amazing!

Then we started looking deeper into:

a.  the different types of WECs - Wave Energy Converters, (there are 7 Types) and,

b. at WEC Patents (there are 1000s of them) in the hope that this exploration would help us find one to buy.


Finally we decided to make our own Wave Machine. All we needed was a  small, near shore unit specifically designed for the small waves found in the protected water of Georgia Strait where there are no large storms.


First we contacted the BC Government's "Front Counter" asking for permission to put a WEC on our forshore lease area and they wrote back and said "yes" it was an acceptable use in the foreshore lease area. 

Then we contacted BC Hydro and filled out their application for a "net metering" grid connection.  They also said "yes" provided certain electrical components were certified to CSA C22.2 No. 107.1-01 for Utility Interconnection. 


At this point we made a real committment to build a wave machine, and the adventure seriously began.

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