Neptune 2 - a Rubber Duck in the Salish Sea (Gerogia Strait) Bathtub

Neptune 2 was designed to accomodate the small 8 inch to 16 inch high waves in the Georgia Straight with the mostly corrosion and electrolysis free materials of polyethelyne, wood and aluminum.

At the International Conference on Ocean Energy ICOE2014 held in Halifax we had the opportunity to speak peer to peer with CEOs & CTOs of companies who have built and tested WECs in ocean conditions.  We asked them to comment on our Neptune 2 prototype.


All said essentially the same thing which was:

     'well its a good idea but what you got
      there is a rubber duck that will only
      work in a bathtub.

      If you want be on the world stage you must be
      able to handle big waves for energy generation
      and bigger waves during storms'.


It was clear to us that the materials used would not hold together even in the relatively benign conditions in the Salish Sea for very long.



Video of Neptune 2 construction and  water test,
    (also including the Neptune 1 generator test).

After the sad but truthfull evluation by the experts at ICOE2014 we abandoned most of Neptune 2 and made a new design to overcome the concerns raised. 

Thank you Laurent Marquis.


The new design has been built.

See Neptune 3   (under Present Tab)

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