Neptune 3   Launched Nov 30
and Moored at Vancouver Maritime Museum

Neptune 3 is a prototype wave energy conversion machine. It produces clean electrical energy from ocean waves. It was built in North Vancouver, B.C., in 2015.

This Mermaid Wave Energy Machine has been made to prove that it works and for gathering research data for designing future versions. It is deployed in the Salish Sea off the south coast of Keats Island, B.C. The electricity produced is fed into the BC Hydro electric grid through the net metering program and monitored.

The Mermaid Machine has 3 basic parts: the outer floatation framework with dome - 12,000 kg; the motive float - 3,500 kg that sits inside the outer framework - is the part that is moved by the waves; and, the PTO which includes the energy motion converter (reciprocating to rotation motion) & the electrical generator.

Research measurements are being made to determine the actual amount of wave energy force acting to move the 3,500 kg motive float vertically. Empirical data of wave energy forces are not publicly available.


Wave heights and periods are measured with a RBR (Ottawa) wave sensor and by videos of the waves moving against the measure markings.  Energy force is determined by measuring the resulting electrical output in watts and by measuring the resulting expansion of springs with known restoring forces.  Digital encoders measure generator rpm and motive float vertical movement. All this data is correlated to the corresponding actual wave heights and periods.      Empowering People in Harmony with Nature.

Completing Neptune 3
in North Vancouver Shipyard
Neptune 3  lifted into Vancouver harbour
for first water tests, Aug 3rd.
Water Test of Neptune 3 -  August 2015
Click to Play Video
Neptune 3   Water Test Video  "It Works"  Aug 3rd, 2015  
Duration: 2:11

Neptune 3

Moored at Maritime Museum ~ Dec 2015

Photo: AJH

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