So what happened was Ken Petersen (formerly of TRIUMPH, now of Keats Island) helped me at the beginning (and continues to be a sounding board providing me with common sense verified by the math of physics and an incredible breadth of understanding coupled with a natural obsession with detail) and introduced me to another Keatsian, Ewart Blackmore (the man that makes TRIUMPH operate) who generously met with me, talked about electrons and magnetism and electricity, made little electrical generator experiments and took me around the shrine,  just over at Point Grey, where the priests and priestesses are walking around, absolutely with quiet humility and excited awe (joyous, fearful, respecful)  walking around with their feet in this newtonian world manipulating the magic creating TRIUMPH and their minds past the newtonian singularity and firmly in the quantum world of worlds.   What an experience to be in the presence of such august company.


And here I am, stuck in this world of reality where things behave predictably and reliably manipulating a 19th century mechanical device.  But wait, we are all working with waves: some of us with waves according to newtonian laws and some others with waves according to, as yet unknown "quantum" laws.


We understand that in water waves the water does not move across the distance, its the energy that moves, the waves we see in the ocean are trasporters of energy through the water medium; we also understand that in electricity waves the electrons do not move, (and the electron fields do not move from end to end, the fields flex with some strong springiness) its the energy that moves through the conductor medium.  In fact, these two manifestations of energy, in water waves and in electron waves, are very very similiar.


It seems to me that all we need to do is figure out how to transfer the energy from one medium to another directly, perhaps we should dip across the singularity into the quantum world of worlds to do this instead of doing it the old fashion way of using the mass of the water as a prime mover to physically move a generator to move free electrons through magnetic fields to induce a wave of energy we call electricity.  This continued dipping into the newtonial world for "The Method" seems clumsy, awkward, dark ages copy catting and so 19th century. 


I think we need to think about the energy in water waves differently, currently it is defined as power (in terms of kW) and then as energy (kW with Time), but a new paradigm is needed and then a new method of directly transferiing the energy from one medium to another will become apparent.  We are at the point, like Buckminster Fuller said in his book "Nine Chains to the Moon" referring, metaphorically, to the phenomenon that when we were able to reach the moon with a chemical rocket we were also able to reach the moon the old way - that is the population of the planet was large enough to make nine chains of humans standing on each other's shoulders to reach the moon. We are at the point where we are ready for a new more direct way to work with energy conversion.


Here is the glimmer, as they say at UBC "Tuum Est"    it is up to you, gentle reader, now.


Please contact us for development and licensing partnerships to build Mermaid Wave Energy Conversion (WEC) units.
A 50 kW Unit running for 7,000 hours per year makes 350,000 kWh of electricity.

At 15 cents per kWh it earns $52,500 / yr
& pays for itself in 4 years.
We find it more useful to learn that cost of electricity from coal in India is $.04 USD per kW and in USA is around $.07 USD per kW and that BC Hydro in Canada sells electricity for around $.08 USD per kW.

"For WEC developers, detailed information about the true extractable wave resource, considering a specific devicepower production curve from their device,
is more important than gross wave resource assessments. . . any estimates of WEC power production should be based on distinct measured wave systems, rather than those mathematically created through the use of the wave energy period parameter.

    From: WCWI -- U Vic.  ICOE 2014 Paper 

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